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Basic School
and Kindergarten
Kladno, Norská 2633

„Učením skládáme obraz světa”


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Basic School and Kindergarten in Kladno, Norská 2633

Our school is known under the original  name 4. Základní škola Kladno. In execution of educational program, the school offers:

  • excellent equipment for PE and Sport

  • extended PE education since the 6th grade

  • advanced forms of learning using IT and other electronics ( e.g. interactive boards, projectors, tablets, cameras)

  • wide selection of after-school activities in the form of hobby groups and school actions

  • Public nursery with own entertaining and suggestive educational program

  • Electronic Pupil’s record book with a listing of marks and attendance on the internet

  • tasty, various and healthy diet in the school canteen, where the boarders choose meals via ordering box and electronic chip, with the possibility of orders via the internet

  • program of prevention of negative features among children and the care of children with specific educational needs

  • English language education since 3rd grade and second foreign language learning since the 7th grade

  • advanced learning methods of reading and writing in the 1st grade

  • wireless access to the internet in all classrooms

  • ICT (Information and Communication technologies) learning since the 5th grade


  • ZŠ a MŠ Kladno
  • Norská 2633
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: +420 312 682 940
  • FAX: +420 312 686 329