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Basic School
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Kladno, Norská 2633

„Učením skládáme obraz světa”


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Basic School

The school was opened on 28.9. 1982 and was visited by 845 pupils. The original name of the school was 4. Základní škola, sídliště 9. května-jih, Kladno-Kročehlavy. There are two gyms, a swimming pool, two multilevel playgrounds with artificial turf, huge football pitch and an athletic stadium is in the process of being built. The current name of the school is Základní a Mateřská škola Kladno, Norská 2633. Nowadays, the school has two detached branches:  Nursery School Montessori and Basic School Montessori. Presently, it is approximately visited by 840 pupils

The education motto of the school is “We built the picture of the world through learning”. The education is realized according to the own education programme “Open school”.

  • From the 6th grade, there is always one class with extended education of PE, specialized especially in football and floorball, but other sports as well.

  • The swimming education takes place in the campus

  • The school organises ski programs for pupils, mountain trips, outdoor school,sports championships for the whole school, Pupils school league , school floorball league and other didactic competitionFrom

  • From the 3rd – pupils learn Englishor

  • From the7th grade – pupils learn the second language, they can choose German, French or Russian

  • From the5th grade – the ICT (Information and communication technology) is obligatory

  • pupils use three computer rooms equipped with projectorsfor classes of ICT, languages, an other subjects

  • Pupils study in specialized study rooms for Music,Art and Geography

  • children use books from the school library for education in literature and home reading

  • Regular school trips , visits to museums, exhibitions , chatsetc. are part of school education

  • Project learning is focused on collective cooperation development among pupils, fulfilment of individual homework within the group, group leadership and presentations of own work

  • school participates in interestingnational projects

  • traditional activities are held annually in cooperation with parents: There is blithe in the school, Christmas and Easter markets, straw making

  • 6th and 4th grade pupils cope with changes at two-days courses

  • School advisory programs are available for pupils with specific needs

  • Children can take part in language, Music and Art, Pottery, IT courses and sport hobby groups

  • Successful flute company Carduelis is a part of school

  • There are approximately 300 pupils in 8 departments of Public Nursery

  • School canteen provides tasty and various diet


  • ZŠ a MŠ Kladno
  • Norská 2633
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: +420 312 682 940
  • FAX: +420 312 686 329