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Basic School
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Kladno, Norská 2633

„Učením skládáme obraz světa”


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ZŠ a MŠ Montessori

School has two detached branches:

Basic school Montessori

Logo ZŠ Montessori

Address: Pařížská ul. 2249, Kladno 272 02

Phone number: 312 276 774



Nursery school Montessori

Logo MŠ Montessori

Address: Na Vyhaslém 3197, Kladno 272 00

Phone number: 312 276 774, 312 276 049




The pedagogical and educational program is based on the teaching methods of Marie Montessori. The nursery school includes 4 classes and has been based on the teaching methods of Marie Montessori since 1998, when it started as a pilot school. Continuously, thanks to the interest of parents, this way of teaching, extended into other classes as well. Currently, all classes of the Nursery school use this method of teaching and the interest of parents in the school extends the capacity of the school. The Nursery school is visited by children who live in Kladno and the surrounding area.

The educational philosophy of the Basic school Montessori enables them to apply current modern trends in teaching- group work, project learning, global education, education oriented to problems, methods of critical thinking. The system of education enables progress for all children with various degrees of talent and working pace in every single area of education. The Basic school Montessori began in September 2001 in the spaces of Nursery school Na Vyhaslém, with 1 class only. Since the school year 2005/2006 is the first grade of Basic school Montessori officially a part of Basic school and Nursery school Kladno, Norská 2633. From 2007/2008 to the end of school year 2012/2013, the school was settled in Krocehlavy, Bulharska Street 2331. Because of opening of the second grade Basic school Montessori, it was necessary to find a bigger space. Since September 2013, the school has been in Kladno Krocehlavy, Parizska street, near to the forest area of Bazantnice. It is an Open school with school educational program for basic education using the teaching method of Marie Montessori.


  • ZŠ a MŠ Kladno
  • Norská 2633
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: +420 312 682 940
  • FAX: +420 312 686 329