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School club

After-school club is available for 1-5 grade pupils and its function is Out of School Care And Recreation (OSCAR). The club is open during the schooling days and during the secondary holiday. For members or for members and their legal guardians, it is open during the time off. It organizes activities for pupils registered on daily basis especially. The acceptance of membership is confirmed by the director of the school.


The morning club starts at 6.a.m. and finishes at 7.50 a.m., in case of need to 8.50, the afternoon club starts at 11.40 a.m., in case of need to 12.35 p.m. (according to the schedules) and finishes daily at 5 p.m. The club is situated in a separated pavilion. There are 8 departments, according to the number of pupils registered for the present school year. Other rooms of the school can be used during the stay in the club- the school kitchenette, school library, computer room, clay workroom, table tennis, gyms. The school garden can be used as well. The pupils can be removed from the club in case of repeated insubordination of the club education act, if they disturb rights and freedom of the others by means of their behaviour, if they (or their parents) do not pay the fee by the deadline. Parents and legal guardians are obliged to pay the fee for the club, which is 150,- a month. It is paid at the secretary in the school office. Parents are aware of the term of payment by a note in the notebooks of the club in writing. If the fee isn’t paid within 14 days from the term of payment, the director is allowed to remove the pupil from the club. The fee can be lowered or forgiven in case:

  • the member or their legal guardians receive periodic allowances in material needs according to law about the help in the material needs, or
  • the member or their legal guardians get increase in contribution according to law about social services, or
  • the member given to keep is entitled to contribution to footage of the needs according to law about the social support and they prove this to the director.

The after-school club is especially meant to children with regular attendance. These pupils are divided into the departments and the list of names is registered in the class register of the hobby group. Pupils with unsteady attendance can be registered as well, and their attendance is filed in the notebook for unsteady attendance. Parents or legal guardians are allowed to keep in touch with the governess during the parents day, or whenever during the school year if agreed. Parents and other visitors are not allowed to enter the spaces and classes of the club. The pedagogical and educational program is based on the School educational program of the after-school club. The activities in each department are based on the weekly basis, quarterly working plans, annual working plan, annual plans of social activities and project plans. The activities are presented to parents and school visitors in the form of photo documentation on the notice board in front of the after-school club and on the school website. The products and pupils’ work are displayed on the notice boards and in the showcases on front of the after-school club.


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